Upward Bound

The Monroe County Community College Upward Bound Program is a college preparatory program for Jefferson High School students who are low income and/or who would be first generation college graduates. Upward Bound provides students with the opportunity to develop the motivation, skills, and confidence in their ability to succeed in high school and a post-secondary program. We provide after school tutoring, a variety of cultural and social field trips, SAT prep, and academic counseling at no cost to our students. Upward Bound is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and Monroe County Community College. 
This school year, the Upward Bound program has been able to attend a variety of field trips! We toured Eastern Michigan University's campus in October, and learned traditional Latin dancing and made authentic Mexican food at the Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center in November. In February, eight Upward Bound students were chosen to attend the MI-CAPP Student Leadership Summit in Ann Arbor. At this conference, Katie and Erica Hemwall were presented with awards for their outstanding leadership. Also in February, we took a trip to Hitsville U.S.A., and visited the Motown Museum in Detroit to commemorate Black History Month. Our most recent field trip was to see the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Stranahan Theater. As one of only three Upward Bound programs in entire country, we are very excited to be able to provide this service to the students at Jefferson High School!
Carley Stranyak
Academic Skills Coordinator, Jefferson High School
Monroe County Community College Upward Bound Program